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The Pinto Art Museum has been in a list of travel and photo enthusiast. located in 1 sierra madre st. Grandheight, Antipolo Rizal. its a collection of paintings, sculptures, modern art pieces and lots of colorful displays.

The museum is covered with 6 galleries offering both modern and contemporary art.

Each galleries will give you a look on differents arts its up to you on how will you convey the message of each arts.

With all the random metal bed w/ white matress and pillows you can relax and take a nap.

My favorite part is the roof deck view where you can see the actual sunset plus the overlooking view on the city

After more than 3 hours of taking a pictures and art appreciation lets now go to FOODS!!

We ate at High tide Bistro. It is the newest tambayan in Antipolo who serves delectable dishes with free fish spa. Hightide Bistro is located at Circumferencia Road P. Oliveros st. Barangay San Roque near at Ynares Center

This is just one of the many wanders of the antipolo. Shared yours! 

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Santorini Inspired; “Kantorini Foodpark”

Experience the Santorini vibes in just few hours away from Manila


  • Along the Katipunan Avenue, take a few minutes walk
  • Near at Ateneo De Manila University

It is a good place to hang-out, very instagrammable and food is delisyoso. The place that can satisfy your eyes and cravings for foods! Open daily from 4pm until 12 midnight. I suggest you go earlier best time is 4pm so that you can have the good spots for your seats.

Here are thee some photos of of the santorini vibe foodpark 

You can share your photos too 

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Epic Tanay adventure Windmills + Regina Rica

It was bright and sunny day along the metro but as we go along to the foot of antipolo the weather changed and the rain started to pour but despite of the bad weather we still continue travelling hoping and wishing it will stop the moment we reach our destination and guess what?  It never stops! Yey!

Windmills has always been a dream destination for me but since I camt afford to travel to ilocos (and my mom and dad wont allow me to) I look for an alternative

And that is Pililia windmills!! With a bonus trip to Regina Rica


Regina Rica is a place where you can relax and free yourself from stress and worries with the presence of our beloved Mama Mary

This Tanay Adventure is a memorable one and I won’t say No for the second time

Share your experience too and feel free to follow my sites 😘

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Hike to Mt. Daraitan: First Timers Guide Experience

For this post, I will be sharing my experience in hiking as a first timer or newbie and see the beauty of the mountain range of sierra madre

I’ve never climbed a mountain before so I was a bit excited at the same time nervous about the trip. We were going on a easy trail but for me it was very challenging especially if you don’t do some stretching or warm up to condition your body but upon seeing this kind of view

Its totally worth it!

The expected hours of trail is 2.5-4 hours.

Me at the summit

Aside from the summit of Mt. Daraitan we also have a site trip to Tinipak River which is 2-3 hours

Here’s a sample itinerary


Water bottles β€“ 2 – 3 liter is enough but it will also depends on you if you are person who got thirsty easily.

Light Backpack β€“ I advised you to bring a light backpack because on my experience, my backpack is well a little bit heavy even if it’s empthy so I got a problem with that hahaha

Snacks for the hike – it’s not bad if you bring a lot of foods, as long as you can carry it along then it will be okay πŸ™‚

Gloves – to protect your hands during the climb

Extra clothes.- In case you want to swim on the Tinipak river and for you to get comfortable after the hike

Comfortable Shoes – since this will be a long trail might as well bring your most trusted shoes (I broked mine in the middle of the trail πŸ˜¦  )

Extra Footwear – In case your most trusted shoes got ruined at least you have one

Toiletries & Plastic bags – it’s okay to be ready than to be sorry.

Camera – I know you don’t want to missed out this kind of adventure and this is another memories need to cherished β€

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Dear Boyfriend,

First, Thank you for being my bestfriend I love the friendship that i have for you. We’ve been through a lot, you and I. Good and bad, up’s and down and in between. Thank you for being my partner in crimes, my photographer, eating buddy, travel partner (kahit konti palang) and for all the things that you’ve done. 90 months of love is πŸ’œπŸ’˜πŸ’™

Second, Thank you for being my human diary slash fairy godfather you never fail to listen to my nonsense stories, corny jokes, and pointless arguments HAHAHA

Thank you for paying attention to every little things that i said to you. The chocolates, the Hoodie jacket and most especially sa PLANNER – di biro uminom ng 18 cups of frappes or coffee ng mag isa sa starbucks para lang sa planner (though hindi naman sabay – sabay ininom hahaha ) but still EFFORT 😍 . I know you’re not into coffee or frappes but still ginawa mo pa din.

Third and Last. Thank you for staying.Iloveyou and Happy 90th Monthsary πŸ’˜

Love Shyy